A4 Dominator 280mh Group Buy (3 min) at $1800 (1 yr roi) anyone?

Just curious if anyone got in on this order? Only 45 day warranty and currently more then 1 year to ROI
at least at my 11c (winter) elec rate (14c summer) etc they are I think 1000 watts min

Supposedly they are shipping…myself sitting on the fence (thou I’m acting as a ship point for some folk
they only come in orders of 3)

but anyway just starting a thread if anyone has any coming and/or what you think about the purchase
in the cold light of 20/20 hindsight

me…I’m waiting in that NO ASIC of the BTC or LTC variety I know of has EVER gotten its firmware correct
within 3 months…the 45 day warranty makes me nervious on new 14nm process

Anyway observations on this …feel free to post :slight_smile:

Not sure how you calculated return on investment. If enough of these were sold that difficulty increased by 50 percent likely a much longer return on investment would be required.

yeah I agree…what I get at 11c kwh is an a 7.5 month ROI if difficulty was flat…at the 3.85 price
you know that is not gonna happen…with shipping the price I found out for 3 is 300 bucks so figure
100 bucks shiipping per unit or 1900 bucks

In my case i generate 2400 usd a month of Titans …for 1.5 units (split with a buddy) at 420 mh
it would take me 1 month to ROI with the units …would kick me up to around 3k to start
so my question is …is it worth the 2 month gamble if I pointed all my hash at it with psu’s

side note: the knc liguidation sale i did this summer it was 1900 bucks for 400mh with damage
and dumbness on knc’s part we get about 342 ave speed. (we figured knc being evil and temp
workers this so not a big surprise our guess was 350 mh)

anyway with the savings with elec compared to Titan (about 30 bucks a month compared to Titan cubes)

the diff in price compared to the summer haul is like 520 bucks minus the 360 savings in elec for a year

and it is a wash …if you go that far of about 160 bucks more …again 3 months later in the difficulty game

so again…in my case…long term…will it all hang together long enough (titans and A4’s if I get them) to

make up for that 1 month (1.5 months with psu’s etc) and be ahead of the game…all about how long

the hamsters can keep turning the scrypt wheel don’t ya know (i also get reduced elec in winter to 11ckwh
and heat the house 85% for free if compared to last year) …so can i ‘tweak’ this enough to lose a month

and/or winter heat benifit into next year too boot

3k at 50% difficutly rise with these units is still 1.5k a month (myself figureing 25% rise at most)

but anyway things to consider

me…1 month of mining loss for 420mh (1.5 units if I split a 3 A4 group buy min buy)

as to IF jumping into this with no way to mine it (ie cold hard cash) I give you your point on this

and to sum up …imho likely worse comes to it all with difficulty rise it would be eventually just

be swaping that month front end for read end months …ie oranges to oranges (well maybe winter

heat befnifit next year) could just be running in place when all is said and done

not sure yet just a pondering it

following conditions

  1. if a BTC pump happens and btc goes to 700 usd plus…should get this a no brainer and LTC follows as usual

  2. would i likely get more out of this then the say 1.5 month loss of mining now at the end of life of all machines?
    make this gamble up with a month or 3 at the end of life or all miners?

  3. how many of these puppies are gonna come out? Titans ran LTC difficulty up about 25% since Nov 2014 (I can
    work with that) er…50% difficulty rise er not so much…unless a price rise on BTC with LTC tag along…then
    you’d sell more units and pop it up 50% diff rise…but as of now I figure 25% …as a guess a 25% rise with
    a btc price pump to 700 and LTC to follow and all in all I’m making the same now even with the 25% pop in diff

  4. a fore mentioned heat benefit the beginning of this winter all has and into next winter all hash …is considerable
    was 85% of last years heat on house) budget went down from 84 a month to 18 lol :slight_smile:

  5. again likely oranges to oranges swap at worse with diff rise I figure

anyway what I am considering…at 160 buck diff compared to titans if you take off 30 bucks for 12 months and at (342mh) from 3 months ago with expected for 1900 bucks cost at that time vs
difficulty rise at this point in time…is such an idea already dead in the water or do’able yet for a couple months

  1. a bit back in equip depreciation on my owed taxes too this year too boot…such as it is

anyway just a pondering still not sure if I was a newbie I’d NOT touch this with a 10 foot pole…but I’m already in
deep with miners…thus my pondering

Well looked into some of these…but decided not to…I have 7 new KNC Titans this year 1 from a corp default and 6 from the KNC LIguidation…so looking at the A4’s and the 45 day warranty and the fact they are (from a member who got
one of the first today) mining at 272mh and 1071 watts (was told in blurb 280mh and 1000 watts) WELL that imho
is pretty dang close to a Titan eff and otherwise. The cost for an A4 (comes in 2 cubes) with shipping also comes
out to $1900 bucks (same as the 7 titans I got)

Thus I asked myself …IF the folk who bought KNC out of bankruptcy annonced miners at the specs the A4 is
above at same price/speed etc and 45 day warranty would I get such?

From that perspective I got the cold sweats…said suck it up stupid you were lucky with the stuff you got this
year and have mined for 3 months. Time to punt on this idea.

PERHAPS if difficulty does not go to nuts (25% say like when the titans hit LTC) up in difficulty complete.
PERHAPS a bigger badder miner 2nd generation from the A4 here I may consider it…but right now just
not worth the risk w/o knowing how many of these puppies are gonna get sold like toasters

So anyway everyone…I am not at this time gonna contriube more to the LTC difficulty rise this year then I
have not already have.

I am bored however and am 1/2 in a CPU/GPU rig for z.cash launching the end of the month.
Talk about a return to newbie optimism and cluelessness. But a bored home crypto miner is
a dangerous individual …alone …sitting in the dark…drinking crypto kool aid :slight_smile:

Anyway wish folk luck on those who go A4’s pipe on here it is likely you will eventually get ROI
being in the btctalk group buy and all. But me I’m taking a little bit of a rest after this whirlwind year :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback and comments searing. I’ve been contemplating jumping in and doing mining but used ebay equipment seems to be selling at a premium and its difficult to ascertain what will happen with the new A4’s starting to come online.

Well I broke down and went backwards. Did NOT get an A4 Scrypt Miner (LTC) unit. But did break down and pay about
2k for a 5 card GPU rig to run Zcash. (Yeah I know traitor. I figure worse case in that I’ve not had a decent desktop in 8 years or so if it all goes beanie baby. I can mine ETC late in the game or whatever get maybe 1/4-1/2 back in $$$ and sell the extra cards and keep a card and the rest for a decent desktop rig when it retires and call it a 500 to 750 buck loss if it all goes downhill.

But hey with 1 year warranty on the gpu cards etc figured it was more worth the risk with the above ‘lame’ justifications…then 45 day warranty and from what I gather sucky A4 unit firmware and such folk are telling me now for the same price.

Well I’ll let you know. Should be obvious on Zcash soon. Champ one month…Chump the next :smile:

check the A4 thread on www.bitcointalk.org…I guess these A4 units are not working out too well…no support…a real pain…so glad I passed on them…just an FYI on anyone getting some of these do your reseach.

Searing, can you repost the A4 thread link? And thanks for the headsup; I’m still contemplating snagging one…

Found the link, reviews are tough. Darn.


Go to the A4 bitcointalk threads. They still don’t work. To the point you will have to send them to a tech in your country
to get them ‘reflashed’ with a new board they will send you. A real ‘cluster’ as it was. Look at thread first.

This only applies to the A4 Dominator consumer version I think.

I have heard these A4s have some problems when you point these at switching pools. Can anyone confirm this? I was considering giving up my Alchminer 256 and buys and A4, but my Alchminer still gets 250MH on switching pools (at 2100 watts :frowning:

I was going to invest in these but a simple tarot card reading told me to stay well away, seeing the result now I am glad I did not put a few grand into these…

I can’t speak to anyone else, but I have no problems using hash-to-coin.com, which is an auto switch pool.
Also use nicehash and toggle between them cleanly with no problems that I am aware of.

I have KNC Titans so they don’t like fast block coins like gamecredit etc or multipools was always told it was a large miner issue

to complicate it on nicehash and such pools i have a pretty constant 2 to 2.5% error rate the nicehash folk said they
over compensate for that on their titan port #unsub is it called etc

but with the titan it just pays imho to mine LTC (unless it really tanks ratio wise even below 0.0045 or something silly to btc) in that with 2% error rate on prohash say that they fudge me back a little and 5% miner fee on www.litecoinpool.org which is a free LTC litecoin pool and pays 3% on top of that and the pool never goes down (have not had backup pool set in 2 years plus no sh*t)
titans like LTC pools

well the 5% prohash fee the 2% error rate etc and I get 3% on a free pool it is a wash imho

again unless LTC really dumps ratio wise etc

but looked into it…if you do have flakey big miner problems it may be a solution but right now on my titan rigs
its oranges to oranges and titans are drama gueens so I like www.litecoinpool.org
and its no down time no errors AT ALL mining …free and 3% on top of that pays 103%

anyway for what it is worth if your A4 miners are flaky like this too


I have 24 Titan cubes to sell total hashing power 1100mh/s. Urgent Moving in a small apartment downtown.


Searing, any thoughts on the A4+? I was considering buying three, the MOQ.

Don’t…if you are betting IMHO, on an LTC or BTC price pump…buy the coin…esp if you are aleady mining coin and have roi’d on current equipment

these things will ship about ‘supposedly’ chinese new year, and may be delayed as such anyway, imho

I myself should be ‘attic mining’ the 5k of crap in my attic on ebay sales…and putting it to LTC which my bet

is will at least be $100 bucks on these BTC mega $$ of many flavors prices…perhaps as high as $300

now, is not the time to buy equip (esp with crypto) or even $$$…the safe bet is above

  1. clean attic sell on ebay (sucks/boring) you get 5K

  2. buy crypto LTC and hope/wait

  3. fix up now empty attic into game room for 2k say…house now increases in value to $13 with rec room

  4. all crypto goes tulips…you have an empty attic, a rec room, and doubled your ebay $$ even on crypto
    loss in paper profits of 12k on the house


I should do the same…but it is SO BORING SELLING MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF CRAP ON EBAY…but alas,

If I’d only done that last winter at $4.15 USD for LTC.

I’d also not get equip (even if by some miracle it made sense on a 2-3 month arrival window, at this time,
I’d get it for next years’ write-offs on equip)…too late in the year to help…would wait and use equip write
offs of equip of a ‘dubious’ nature into 2018, as my next mistake… :slight_smile:

Ack! The shame!!! Ack! (alas had little faith last Jan/Feb/March)… Ack!

Thanks, @Searing, that’s some good advice. I’m thinking that things would trade sideways for a while, volatile but mostly sideways. I have an A4 dominator (and 2 Gridseeds…) I got used which performs well and I kind of like the flow of LTC.

Looking more into the A4+, it’s just too much more than the L3+ for not a whole lot more. Decided to pass on that… 10k of LTC is probably a better play, you’re right.

Was thinking about getting a used L3+ if I can find one for a good price and then do the eBay thing you suggest with all my older equipment. Probably not going to do a rec-room though I like the way you think. Thanks again.

my first miner I paid for after I got some game of thrones collectible swords from the place licensed to make them from the books…because from the books I thought grr martin was going to be the next Tolkien …nailed it

I think the link was http://www.valyriansteel.com/shop/ anyway was BEFORE
2013 when I got the knc Jupiter 500gh miner…for $7,131.80 with shipping…Oct 18th 2013…made 1 btc a day I think
when I got it :slight_smile: BTC I think was $150 the day I started…lol :slight_smile:

Anyway, kept seeing these swords on the wall, broke down and sold the 1st 3 made by them, for about 2.5k profit
or 4K or so…applied that to the usd I paid for the knc jupiter…so win/win/win

Game of Thrones the HBO series came out and drove the price up…the HBO folks sent a stop making the swords order w/o doing their research…these guys had the rights fromt the books…I think they said …we think we are gonna sue HBO…needless to say HBO came to terms with them quick lol:)

anyway, how I bent the hurt on getting my 1st miner…thus if you have crap laying about (I’m the worse I have 5k of crap I could sell on ebay…but just stall) don’t be me …sell if for LTC of your crypto flavor of choice…then you will also have more room to have a reset and collect new and more interesting stuff!

this whole bitmain having 90% of all equip making of any asic flavor be them for BTC or LTC or X11 …makes me twitchy/ nervous

how I would play it until

  1. Is bitmain selling equip from data halls in China used and saying they are new to dump for their move out of China
    to usa (as stated) and elsewhere? (rumor)

  2. Is bitmain going to come out with a new miner say in dec/jan for release after chinese new year on a pre-order
    (also rumor)

  3. will bitmain start charging 40 LTC again for equiv new miner with double hash power but no better in difficulty vs
    price than my L3+ today, when LTC hits 100 usd? Likely, imho…

IF price pumps to 100 usd per LTC when BTC goes sideways for a bit in price…you’d be sorry to get equip with the

LTC…we will see…but my bet is hoarding (hopefully 1,000 LTC after expenses/taxes/elec etc and at the ratio of 8K
or more BTC…I could see $300 LTC…(crosses fingers) thus that is my bet

@Searing, what are your thoughts on picking up antminers to resell on eBay? I was thinking about buying 3, keeping 1 and selling 2 to hopefully cover the cost of the third.

As above, I’d just get as much LTC as I could…if price of LTC was to go to say $150 bitmain would simply do what it did last summer on the LTC price pump…keep all the miners, cancel your order, and say it was a firmware problem and mine like hell for 6 weeks and drive up difficulty…when miners arrived still showed jan 2017 firmware.

So, you are screwed either way, bitmain puts more out like toasters say at the 40 ltc price again which would be equiv of 3500 for an L3+ because they could


they will just keep your money and mine the units like hell, filling up own data halls 1st and you can give them a loan
admidtely, price would have to soar big time

but anyway, if you think LTC is gonna hit 100 to 300 usd on BTC sitting above 8k or so you should just hold coin

if you have to get equip USE a bank loan …don’t use your hard earned crypto…if you get in trouble for whatever
reason with the bank loan .you can always sell crypto to get out of trouble

but if you 2 months ago sold LTC at 48 bucks to get equip today and it is 72 bucks …that is just silly

perhaps after 1st of the year I may change mind if new asic equip or price pump or hell I just want to hobby mine

but if BTC is really gonna go beyond 10k and/or LTC goes along for the ride…getting equip now is just silly

you are better off selling crap on ebay and buying LTC the odds are better