A2 terminator help setup need it

Anybody want to help I will be generous 6197173973
My IP address cannot be changed, to range , cox cable here in SoCal does not support any modem with that range anymore. I read everything online and it seems that nothing helps

I don’t think the modem comes into play here. 192.168.1.XXX IP space is handled by the router.

I suspect your A2 isn’t running on, it’s probably on something like

Is there an IP address written on your A2 Terminator?

You can probably check if the A2 is available on any IP in your private IP space with nmap, what is the output of this command? (Takes a while for it to run so be patient)

nmap -sT

Thanks ,My machine sticker is

The command is not recognized in cmd

My modem Ip is

And there is no way to change it

  1. Is adresss (o hosts up) neap commando

256 ip addresses (0hosts) up


So your issue is anything on is not accessible because your network is in, right? Does that describe your issue?

I really don’t know what would be the best thing to do here since idk your network setup.

Without altering you network, you could maybe take the controller to another network that does have and then configure the controller for IP space. Go to a friend’s, plug in the controller to the network, and pull up and see if you can get into the network.

Correct that’s my problem I still don’t know if I have the correct SD card , is there a way to get a cgminer for a2 , mine problem won’t work there is nothing out there I really don’t understand why they make it so hard to set up , I hate it already, spent 3 days on it ready to give anybody want to buy a2 for 500$ and I will buy something simpler like a usb dam miner