A quick video that explains what currency is... especially crypto

Please give it a watch if you have any question about what a Bitcoin, Litecoin or any other cryptocurrency is.
This even explains a little bit about how the US dollar gets it’s value.

Also please check out my YouTube channel and other videos of my mining farm:


Sorry I deleted this video…I’ll make a better one later… something about this one I just didn’t like

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I look forward to it! Thanks!

You made the new video yet brother?

This could be a nice idea for many newbies coming in. So many dont know the basics or fundamentals which are key :slight_smile:

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I wasn’t sure if anyone was watching but…I am working on a way better video to introduce the idea to newbies a lot better

Still waiting to see the new video! Are you still working on it?

Did you make a new one have you got a link for it

why is the vide not done ?

Most likely it was flagged by Youtube

please upload new video so that we get some insights

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what are some genuine platfoms to trade litecoin ? and how to detect scams?

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Hmmm… I really found this Litecoin video helpful! Thanks for the heads up, now I know what to do with my remaining Litecoin to trade in the market right niow.

Interesting even as it was removed? Kinda weird being able to see it and that micro channel is pretty worthless on info. IMHO

when did you see video, am not able to watch it