A guide to recovering your LTC from Loafwallet Seedkeys

Unfortunately, the loafwallet is having some issues for some users.

This is a guide that will help you recover your litecoins for those who are feeling anxious although I’m confident the LF will be able to resolve the issue.

What you need
Seed keys
The ability to disconnect from the internet for security purposes.
The Steps
Go to this github and click on “Clone/download”. You can choose zip or desktop. I chose zip.
Turn off your wifi or access to the internet.
Open the bip-standalone.html file. It should appear on your browser.
Select “12” next to Generate. Then paste/type in your seed keys in the BIP39 Mnemonic section
Switch btc to ltc under “coin”.
Click on the BIP32 tab.
Set the “BIP32 Derivation Path” to m/0’/0 and it should list your addresses below.
Look for the addresses you sent your litecoins to. Copy and paste that onto a doc. Same with your private keys.
If you can’t find your address in step #8, set the “BIP32 Derivation Path” to m/0’/1 and it should list your change addresses.
Close the standalone .html web page and turn on your wifi.
Open Electrum-ltc. Go to Wallet-> Private Keys-> Sweep.
Input your LTC address and private key.
You now have access to your litecoins. Don’t send the back into your loaf wallet until the bug is fixed. You can keep them in electrum-ltc or a different wallet.


If Electrum says “Transaction unrelated to your wallet” create a seedless wallet using the private key and send the funds from there manually.

Tips appreciated:
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