84 Million podcast with Loshan - Full Nodes for MWEB incoming port 9333 VS. Leechers / bandwidth consideration

I listened to the Podcast with Loshan @losh11 (the cute little boy with the big eyes) and enjoyed it very much

In the podcast Loshan calls us LTC friends to run a full node of Litecoin core - for Chickun :chicken: to arise - especially after the recent update of Litecoin to support light MWEB clients that will rely on people running public full nodes.
And he especially asked to open up incoming port 9333, because otherwise the node seems to be “leech-only”, providing transaction verification only for own transactions.


  • what Internet bandwidth (uplink/downlink) will be needed for this public mode with open port 9333?
    Because at the moment, I only have a tiny internet connection (ADSL2+ with 2 MBit Uplink/ 16 MBit Downlink). I am looking for a big upgrade (fibre) this year, but until then…

For testing purposes I also ran a Monero full node. This node clogged my 2 MBit Uplink entirely, so I had to retire it again.

  • How come the monero node seemed to work as a public node without opening incoming ports for Monero? Is it because Monero is using Tor/Onion routing and therefor doesn’t need an incoming open port (e.g. when you have an onion-webserver on a Raspberry Pi, you are also able to reach it from the Internet, even with no incoming ports opened within the router)??

Hey, happy to see that you’re considering running a node.

  1. It’s pretty hard to estimate how much bandwidth you’d need, as it depends on blocks and peers. If your internet is only 2mbps, I’d consider just waiting imo.

  2. I’m really unfamiliar with the Monero full node client and how peering work. Open to learning how they do things.

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