64: dust. Code:-26

i am using licore-lib node js for send transaction its is giving me dust error,not understanding what should be the fees.

below is my code…

var utxos = [{
‘txid’: txid, //pass the transaction address got from above utxo
’vout’: vout, //pass the output from above utxo
’address’: address, //pass the legacy address which is the public address from utxo
’scriptPubKey’: scriptPubKey, //pass the script from above utxo
’amount’: satoshis,


i have these utxos values

[ { txid: ‘6c4e6bfc21b673747046a291c1f98193f103f106f4c79e541c7e7a091909a519’,
outputIndex: 1,
address: ‘LaqHwkfBhBv5DbYtknmL7xWTXoLxML8FpE’,
scriptPubKey: ‘76a914ab38dff9a2e50c7c43fef7f9f4b585447a59d5b888ac’,
amount: 22240 } ]

    var amount = 20000;
    var transaction = new litecore.Transaction()
        .from(utxos)          // Feed information about what unspent outputs one can use
        .to('LaqHwkfBhBv5DbYtknmL7xWTXoLxML8FpE', 12000)  // Add an output with the given amount of satoshis
         .change(address)      // Sets up a change address where the rest of the funds will go

its saying that your fees are too low and will be considered as multisig dust unless you raise the fee…which is currently 0.001LTC per Kb minimum(recommended)
you need to subtract the transaction fee from the amount you are sending…so you want to send 0.00012000 LTC right? if there is no more than that in the wallet then it wont send because your missing the transaction fee…lower it to 0.00011900 leaving 0.00000100 for a tx fee or something like that

when doing manual transactions…you specify the amount and anything left over is used as a fee…so if u have 5 coins in a wallet and send only 2 with a manual transaction…then the remaining coins are used as the transactions fee unless you specify otherwise using a change address…
you must have a transaction fee in order to send coins in under a 6 month time frame…

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