$64.24 USD Why?

LTC is sky rocketing, Why? Will we see this go to $100 USD end of year.

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Because Litecoin Kicks Ass that’s why…Rise Chickun!!! RISE!!!

Supply and Demand/Speculation If this continues in the short term you will see 100 plus per coin, as time goes buy do to the chain block script setup the more users come in the higher the price of LiteCoin will be, don’t be surprise a couple of years from now the coin might be worth 500k s due to no supply left and high demand , The block chain setup is built so when prices rise due to all coins have been sold then what is left constant rise of price unless the system itself crashes then were all doomed. So I am glad to see Charlie leaving coinbase and focusing on LiteCoin alone hopefully he can bring in a strong team and a good solid business person to direct the coin to the next level Mark Cuban would be a good choice

Mark Cuban is a horrible choice for Litecoin community…guy does nothing but run his big mouth only to make himself look like an idiot at the end of the day…
Mark Cuban talked ■■■■ about Bitcoin for years and now that its almost at $5000 he all the sudden says it was his idea from the jump…what a prick…sorry but I hate stuck up little rich kids like Mark Cuban…but that’s just my opinion

I agree, he really looks incompetent…

end of year 尼玛逼, 看看现在已经300美元了。

agree 尼个玛, 现在$300

It seems like now is a good time to invest considering it is in the mid-30s.