50% POS i 50% POW = LTC

In your opinion, is it possible to implement into LTC - $ 50 POS and 50% POW? A miner and an LTC holder in an enabled wallet would benefit. This could be an idea for our LTC developers. What do you think? :thinking:

It’s not possible. How would these two consensus algorithms reach a consensus among them? What if the PoS reaches a consensus that is different than the consensus of PoW? Now we’re back at square one, trying to find a way to reach consensus.

I think you want to stake LTC, in order to collect interest over time. Exchanges can help you with that. There are reliable exchanges that will lend your LTC and you’ll collect interest on it.

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It is interesting that some people want to change the mining algorithm all the time.

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I think their intentions are honest. They see all the “new, interesting altcoins” and want to come up with something new that “saves poor, old, boring LTC” .
Recognizing the genius in using POW in BTC and LTC takes a while.

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The altcoin DASH has this function in a way… But I cost you a fortune to become a masternode.

You can mine DASH with mining hardware and get rewards and/or you can stake 1000 DASH and apply to the network to be accepted as a masternode and then gain rewards by staking your DASH and keep them in your wallet as collateral… If you are malicious… Then you’ll get punished and loose parts or whole stake…
But 1000 DASH is a lot of money
Longtime goal??!! Haha

Making the rich richer.