44 LTC disappeared from Litecoin Core wallet

Hey guys,
I connected my offline computer last night for the update headers in my Litecoin Core wallet and when the update was completed, over 44 LTC was transferred.
Please, what can I do about it?

Transaction ID: af9335eae70a5100d836aae4c0ac973f393c8d0c8add90ad5221361be9224f1c

seems to be a common occurrence as you are the second or third person to post this same exact issue - amounts have been different but same scenario and same circumstances.

also - you do realize this occurred almost 2 years ago right?

and your funds are now sitting on this address - after a half a dozen transfers - and this address is holding some serious coins at just under 1 million LTC

Your secret key compromised or maybe walletdat ?

either way they lost their LTC nearly 2 years ago this was not recent - the LTC was transferred Feb of 2019.

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Dont get the point of this OP thread, 2 year old issue reported now? hmm :thinking:

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