4 Litecoins stuck in a pool, how to fish them out?

Hi guys, I tried to send 4 litecoins from my Nano Ledger S to my Coinbase account (with highest fees) and they got stuck showing as “unconfirmed” in my Nano Ledger S and did not show up at all (not even pending) in my coinbase. Its been around 24 hours so i went fishing and i found this…


and also

Now im not really very techy, but im wondering if someone can shed some light…

Where it says:
Block Height 1335964 (494 confirmations) [[[[[ 494 at time of writing this message]]]]

The confirmations keep going up, which seems to be a good sign? But approx how many confirmations would we be looking before this block gets cleared ? (if that makes sense)

and also at the bottom, it suggest 1 LTC has been “redeemed” while 2.999 have “not yet redeemed” So does this mean that 1 LTC has been processed, but the remaining 2.999 have not? So it needs to wait for all 4 (minus fees ofcourse) to process/redeem before sending it out together ?

Sorry if i sound like a crypto newb (i am lol) but this is a sizeable amount of dosh for a small guy like me (im not a big fish, let alone a whale) and im trying to stay calm and hoping fingers crossed it arrives in my Coinbase before Xmas.

Oh one last thing… i could not find a option on my Ledger Nano S has no option to “abandon” transaction or to pay more fees to speed things up (the 2nd probably because i paid highest when sending already).

Thanks in advance for any help you can throw at me guys

whats the status of your transaction?

it look like it was confirmed some time ago.

My transaction is still showing as unconfirmed on my Ledger Nano S

Its also showing as “Not yet redeemed” from the second link above

I have no idea why it says “6 confirmations” on the first link above, it did so almost as soon i sent the coins.

However they do not show as Pending on my Coinbase at all.

I am so stressed out and sad over this because i didnt even know this was possible for a transaction to get stuck like this.

I have no way of canceling it.
I have no way of speeding it up.

not yet redeem is not a problem, that means the coins are in that address and have not been part of another transaction as input.

don’t know how can it show unconfirmed on the hardware wallet, have you look over the ledger forums or help desk??

I just double checked and it says Status: “unconfirmed (0)”

When i click the little magnifying glass in green it says Transaction not found over at https://insight.litecore.io/

However when it type in the destination address (from “To” field) into above, it shows nothing recieved.


If it type the “from” addresses it shows as Confirmed (same like link 1 and 2 in the original post).

I am baffled where they have gone.

I contacted support they suggested i should try to speed up the transaction by paying a higher fee, which is not a option because there is no button for it.

so, this address is your coinbade wallet, right?

the coins 2.999 ltc are on this address,

as far as I know this address is yours, it is from your wallet.

the ledger software have some feature, like the core wallet have, coin control??

you may try verifing this info and try to claim the address.

omg… you just helped me realize something… I had 5 litecoins. I sent 1 first (and it was successfully received) then i sent another 4 and they went unconfirmed/vanished.

But I have been looking at id code for the 1st litecoin : f41017b0e9e35aa3a26844389e9af687e85c1f07cc2f0255a5cf205aaf4b7003
I sent this 10 mins before and was for 1 Litecoin to my coinbase which arrived successfully.

The ID code i should have been looking at is this one:
That is the ID code for the 4 missing litecoins.

(reason for my confusion was because it said amount transacted 3.999 LTC when i only sent 1)

**However, now that i search using that ID code the transaction is not showing at all on the blockchain :frowning: **

No transaction found with the hash 9ce4c269ec87e429e6be9ad600647ade6aa11f42e998c08cf45649c4ae5df6a4

How can this be, when its showing as sent(unconfirmed) on my wallet ? :cry:

note: the “to” address for my coinbase litecoin wallet changes every time i log in, which is normal i guess.
When i search based on the “to” address for the transaction it shows this :

i.e. nothing sent/received :thinking:

btw Thank you for your helping in at least getting me this far, i will give a small reward to anyone who helps me get my litecoins back!

did you just recover the coins?

I was going over the address, on the explorer and the coins just move… to

from —

to —

LTC: 3.998

txid: 4fee22312bdfc9eaf332890f2f20359e4ffd5b58cde5aeb9f2d894c0a5c1b981


such interesting!

Haha pguerrerox i love you right now bro loool

You didnt solve the problem, but you helped me solve it by eliminating a major part of it (i.e. me looking at the wrong transaction/ID)

I thought it was a glitch in the Matrix…But turns out there is a “glitch” in NANO LEDGER S.
Basically i sent the 4 coins, they got stuck before hitting the Blockchain (thats why transaction not found - they never made it to the Blockchain). Really they were in my wallet all along but the balance is showing as 0 and they are showing as Sent (unconfirmed). The Wallet thinks it has sent them but it has not. The way to solve it is to go to Settings > Tools > Reset Application Data > Yes. Then sign into the wallet again and they will show up temporarily and disappear if you click refresh, trick is NOT to click refresh but go directly to SEND and send them to whatever address you want as a new transaction.

If any1 else ever reads this and is stuck with the same issue, you can watch this video that explains it step by step… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKEKOrEYjcU

Anyway i did the new transaction and they just landed in my coinbase. Now pguerrerox send me a Litecoin wallet address, you got yourself $30 bucks from me 2 you… just for taking a interest and taking the time to reply :slight_smile:

really good to see you got your coins back,… I was going over the info you post above and was checking all the addresses, and suddenly saw a new transaction I was like… THEFUCK… he got them or they went somewere else… hehehe

thanks for the tip, address is:

see you around.

lol oh its a good feeling to get my Coins back just in time for the Holidays :slight_smile: :star_struck:

Thanks again dude, the satoshis should be heading over now, hope they dont play hide and seek with us this time lol :sunglasses:



Thanks :blush:

Enjoy your coins!