384 ltc lost in new wallet

Hi i had 384 ltc in wallet back in 2014 all in balance. Now i installed new litecoin core on system but my balance show 0. I have 60 tranactions but all are unconfirmed in this new litecoin version. Database say up to date. I cant find any transaction in checkers like i never sended and recived litecoins. What is wrong here

i do the same i had 2 yersterday on bitcoin Qt i send 0.3 to a person she receive only 0.1 not confirm so he ask alert key compromised upgrade required , i do yerterday night but this morning in my wallet there is 0.
i try to find my 1.7 ltc but i can t fin the fille wallet.dat on my computer help

Do you backup your wallet on 2014 ? And mind to paste the address here? Or transaction id

Yes i have backup from january, april, and june 2014.

Here is my first evre transaction from litecoin core.
I recived ltc from wemineltc pool

Status: 0/unconfirmed, not in memory pool
Date: 11-Dec-2013 13:46
Credit: 6.38176094 LTC
Net amount: +6.38176094 LTC
Transaction ID: 8d2f1df7cb14dddd06fe06f732f8d3f92545800c44b59c0c4276783616ad7e9c
Transaction total size: 227 bytes
Output index: 1

Than i sended ltc to crypto-trade exchange

Status: 0/unconfirmed, not in memory pool
Date: 11-Dec-2013 14:07
Debit: -6.30000000 LTC
Transaction fee: -0.00500000 LTC
Net amount: -6.30500000 LTC
Transaction ID: eb7458223f3ac9ebf716b0f48f5831456dba72276b391e7076be6d505c09ba05
Transaction total size: 227 bytes
Output index: 1

All this and 60 more transactions unconfirmed like this. My wallet was all good in 2014

Do you let your wallet fully sync?

It say up to date

Do you check your receive address same with your current Litecoin core address?

I dont have any recive address when i installed core. I made new

Then do you back up your old wallet? If yes then just take ur wallet.dat paste into ur core wallet then your Litecoin will be there

This has been a problem few other users had reported,

Keep your backup safe, dont worry there is a solution for this.


Was this resolved now?

Yes it’s already solved

LItecoin core wont confirm my transactions, 63 of them.
My transactions dont exist on blockchain, seems somebody deleted my transactions from blockchain.
How transactions can be deleted i dont know.
Here is picture of deleted transactions

Transaction won’t be cancelled you have to confirmed that you have 387 coins

so, this problem is not solve yet.

hmmm, check you messages.