3710 Mh/s best miner?

Is promax 7.2 the best miner till date as i see many reviews on it, is there any other miner similar to it and ready available?

never heard of it…details…the latest miner of any volume (like 90% of the market of machines existing and st4ill mining scrypt-pow) is Bitmain L3+ 500mh at 800watts and for me (I have 16 equiv units) I lose 50c a day mining LTC and a bit like 42c a day on some scrypt-pow alts…so somone say with 1/2 my electric costs will still lose 25c a day say…

thus what happens to the pow-scrypt network as a whole and LTC in particular …if you have all 90% of the miners that can mine…drop off the network at the same time…don’t say difficulty drop because they will all jump back on at the same time (in the 3 day diff change of LTC) and just cancel each other out…

that is gonna be an interesting question…my 8000mh of bitmain product is getting shut off in next couple days…can’t afford a 240 buck electric loss each month

so never heard of your promax 7.2 likely it is a scam site…beware…they are common I think the Bitmain site is selling the 500mh 800watt L3+ for $470 or some such and it loses in my case 50c a day…thus don’t count on any pow scrypt miner making sense for LTC lately.

I figure i need $115 LTC just to break even on electric I think I looked up…thus not gonna happen…so I’m out and will save 1/2 or so of my $1,290.27 a month in electric this next month (2 weeks) without mining…when in a hole stop digging…likely will be out of all pow-scrypt by July 4th 2018. It was a good run from 2013…b.ut had to end sometime

but again beware .never heard of your miner



edit found the link …looks dodgy in that it says eth and zcash …likely a scam

even if not a cash…Bitmain is I heard is coming out with a full version of their zcash machine at 1/2 that price…probably in July…as a pre-order…so if legit …bitmain usually undercuts prices on such novelty miners within a month to 6 weeks…its what they do…economy of scale wise

anyway, I’d not get it…seems iffy


Promax7 seems to be a new launch. the miners launched are innovative. Never came across such a miner that will be generating 3710 Mh/s in a single unit piece. I am planning to place an order for 7.2 but its currently out of stock as their products are fast selling.

run the calculators vs electric costs at the current LTC prices as an example let us know what you supposedly will get an for how many months…

IMHO< not worth the risk over holding the coin LTC

getting these units requires LTC to come back over say 100 bucks or more in price or the gain from the

equipment is not worth the risk IMHO

assuming they exist…out of stock and all the big miners I know have never heard of the beast (me included)

if i am not mistaken than promax 7.2 is a gpu miner, which runs on multiple algorithms making it mine various coins. This is what i got to know about it from my work mate.

Agreed with most of you about that you need to calcuate very well the costs, electricity, refrigeration, maintenance and monitoring, those normally are hidden costs sometimes not in our calcs.

Be aware that some hashing rate will work for you and in other contries not. Due the differences on this “hidden” costs.

unlliklely it is gpu miner at the asic rates of speed…so likely if that is true or they say it is true it is a scam…can’t get asic rates with gpu miner .it just an’t so

I have not come across any other miner that matches with the hashing performance of Promax 7.2.
I got to know from them that they are using Nvidia P102 graphic cards for such high Mh/s.

and who has one of these that can say they exist?

just saying

youtube links/ independent reviews/open demos etc

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Thats the principal question to answer, well done!