3 year old LTC recovery


I just made this account because I am looking for an answer to a question I have. Let me first introduce you to the situation.

A few years ago (say 4) I bought some LTC because one of my classmates started a website that was selling them. So I bought them for 41 euro each. No longer than a week later they dropped back to the 7 euro they were standing on the week before I bought them. I took my lose and moved on. My friend helped me and installed a LitecoinQt wallet on my PC. However I have switched to a newer PC since last year. I recently found out that the LTC I still had might be worth more than I originally thought.

I thought I had a backup from the old system I was running, but just found out that that backup was outdated and therefor did not have the wallet on it anymore. Is there anyway for me to recover these litecoins through the blockchain or are they lost just like my backup is lost.

I have absolutely nothing written down. So I don’t have any codes or number about the LTC I used to own (I was fairly young and uneducated in the whole investors business when I bought them).

Does anyone have any possible solutions that might help me recover them or should I take my loss and just forget about them?


If you don’t have your wallet.dat file anymore your coins are lost and there is nothing that can be done about it.
I take it you don’t have your old harddisk anymore?

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I do still have the old harddisk but I think my brother reset it to use it for a few months but I’ll boot it and try to look for the wallet.dat file

Good luck!

But even if the disk has been formatted there is a SLIGHT chance you can still recover your wallet.dat file by having software scan the whole disk, block-by-block, looking for signs of a wallet.dat file. This can be done using pywallet or if that’s too difficult to use you can use any “undelete” software that will try to recover every file on that disk. And start looking for the wallet files…

One thing you certainly shouldn’t do is writing to the disk. If the data is still there now it can be lost if you write additional data to it…

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Thanks for you quick and usefull replies! I have scanned the entire disk looking for the file but it seems that I have lost it. It was worth the try and thank you very much for helping me out. This way at least I know I have tried the right things and that it is just gone due to my own mistake of a few years ago.
Thank you for the quick response :slight_smile:

You just hooked it up and scanned the current filesystem, right?

You shouldn’t give up now already. Start scanning with ‘undelete’ software and/or pywallet too :slight_smile:

I’ll try pywallet as well. Thanks

Do you know if i can just plug my harddrive onto my current running system and use pywallet to look through the harddrive as it is plugged into my computer. (I am not booting on this harddrive in this case) – using a Macbook Pro btw

You want to hook the disk up to your macbook pro? I’m sure that’s possible with some usb devices for connecting ide/sata drives. You’ve got something like that?

What operating system was the original system running?