3 weeks of unconfirmed Transaction


I have a transation that is stuck for 3 weeks now

?any idea how to speed things up

would it help if I upgrade the wallet? is is OK to do it in a middlw of the transaction?


Upgrade the wallet yes. Make sure you have a backup copy of wallet.dat. Right click on the transaction after your done and select cancel transaction. Send again.

Thank you very much for your answer

?can you please elaborate how to update
meaining that after the update should I replace the Wallet.dat file?

when do I cancel the transaction? currently when I’m Right clicking the the transaction I dont have the option to cancel it will I have it after the upgrade?


just download the new wallet and it will use your already existing appdata folder…I wouldn’t do anything until the wallet is completely synced with the network then right click it and cancel it if that still what u want to do…