2 x INNOSILICON A4 Dominator, 2 x 280 Mhz

I want to sell my A4 scrypt miners (2 x A4 Dominator - 4 tubes, 3 controller, 8 cable connection, without the PS). One of the miners has changed one of the boards in the warranty, the board that has not synchronized with the other three in the controller, which is why it goes on the controller separately. The price is 3500 euro plus the shipping (DHL worldwide aprox. 200 euro). If you also want the PS (2 x 1200 W, HP), the price is 3700 euro plus shipping. I also accept BTC, LTC, escrow payment.

Yes. The only proble now is that I have only 2 controller, one I sell it. If you want, you can buy one from aliexpress, 80-100 usd. But, if you want to buy, you can sell all on real time via skype, facebook, whatsapp video call