100KW 125KVA China Shangchai Generator YC6B180L-D20

100KW 125KVA Power Generator Technical Data

Engine: China Shangchai Engine YC6B180L-D20
Alternator: Starlight TFW2-100-4A
Control Module: SmartGen (HGM6110)
Starting way: Electric start
Genset power: 100KW
Rated current: 180A
Rated frequency: 50Hz
Rated speed: 1500rpm
Equipped with air filter, fuel filter, and oil filter.
Besides, Yuchai diesel generator is also equipped with a set of random tools.

still, think this guy posts here for MINING…like the kind you do in the ground…I know no one who is gonna

order a generator from China…they may have a contractor put one in locally…but really?

thus, google translate in China …seems to be thinking we are a copper miner group or some such :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply.Nobody will import any goods from China?

No the will…but at 18 crypto mining machines…at 12,800 watts…in a data hall that already has a generator…it is unlikely the guys with only 1 miner are gonna use/need a generator in their home miner operations.

NOW, if you have connections in China for scrypt-pow or other crypto miners before they are announced in

the USA…maybe, but after offering generators and then to offer crypto miners…we’d be a bit ‘skeptical’

but no, as an example in the years I’ve been mining since 2013 crypto like BTC and LTC the longest I

was without power was 2 hours and all together in those years I’ve only lost power for more than 1/2 hour

4 times. Thus most of us, at our small size of mining etc, don’t need a generator…even though getting one

from China would not be a problem.