£100 cash reward ( Frome, Somerset )

I need help. Made a LTC withdrawal From poloniex - nothing has arrived. address is 100 percent correct. I am relatively new to this so I don’t want to screw anything up. I am using a wallet called loaf wallet on iOS. Transaction or taxidermy doesn’t show up on block chain cypher - nothing. If there is someone who wants to help me and can recover these coins I will happily pay £100 cash.
Call me 07497 287538

Please help me out of a jam.

Did you contact them? poloniex had a lot of problems related to litecoin withdrawals lately. Nothing members of this forum can help you with. keep your money.

Hi! If you cant find the transactions id in the blockchain, then you have to contact the staff members of poloniex. Because then the error is definitly on their side! Therefore, I totally agree with NeriosEole.

Cheers, XuS

Thanks for your help - the coins showed up a few hours ago. This is a good learning lesson for newbies - patience and don’t panic.
Thanks to all for their help - it’s appreciated.