100% automatic escrow on Discord

Hi, I’m a developer and I made a 100% automatic escrow Discord bot for the moment it only supports Litecoin but if the bot makes some success I’ll add support for other cryptocurrencies.

Here is the Discord server: (removed by moderation)

I don’t have any customers yet and I guess it’s going to be hard to get my first customer as this requires a lot of trust.

Yes, you’re right. It will be quite hard to find a first customer.

Can we see the source code for this bot? And, how can we make sure that the code that you give is the one that runs the bot?

The bot isn’t open source, it’s a service but I can explain how it works but an escrow is already based on its reputation and trust so my aim is just to start gaining people’s trust by letting them test it themselves with small amounts of money. I’ve come out of nowhere so I’ve no doubt that people will be reluctant but there will be someone who will try and see that the bot works.

You can explain, but I’ll remove whatever link you might place here. I don’t want to give entrypoints for scammers.

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