1 LTC Reward - Old wallet from 2013 - Receiving transactions


I was briefly mining litecoin back in late 2013 and kept my wallet ever since. So I have some receiving transactions that never went through into my wallet, all of the transactions show 0/unconfirmed, not in memory pool.

I tried the abandon transaction method on one of transactions without any luck. From what I read, that only works if I was sending the coins out.

Some info for anyone willing to help/diagnose the issue:

Downloaded the latest litecoin core client (v0.14.2), synced the block transaction history and swapped my wallet.dat file in.

I believe the mining pool never sent the transaction to me with any fee (see below for one transaction example).
Credit: X.35518459 LTC
Net amount: +X.35518459 LTC

I am thinking that these transactions are forever lost due to the fact the transfers were never sent with a fee?

There is a 1 LTC reward for anyone who is able to help me recover these transactions.

u can paging @pguerrerox for the help he able to help u with that