1 LEFT SELLING 2x Antminer D3 Sept 15-25 Batch w/PSU


Hey All,

I have posted this around a few forums, but… I’ve decided to sell off my September batch of D3’s as I have more coming in later batches and simply will not have the power to run them all, and the September batches seem to be the ones that are selling for a semi-decent profit.

That being said, I’m not looking to price gouge. I got these miners for around $2900, and I am willing to accept 1.1BTC for 1, or 2.0BTC for both.

They are both purchased on brand new separate bitmain accounts, these are the only paid/valid orders on those accounts. The shipping address can still be updated to your address so bitmain ships them directly to you.

Upon sale, I will provide the login and password information for the account, you can login, change the email and password associated with the account, and the shipping address. You can also submit a ticket with Bitmain to confirm the updated shipping address for your D3 shipment(s).

If anyone is interested, please PM me here, or email me @ papapawl@mail.com - I expect these to sell pretty fast and to receive a lot of e-mails so I apologize if I don’t respond to everyone. If I don’t respond to you, it probably sold.


Have a good day, and happy mining!

I’ve been made aware by some that you cannot update the shipping address for the bitmain account. If that is the case, I will cover the cost of UPS or FedEx shipping, and I will ship it the DAY I receive from Bitmain (as long as it’s not too late in the day to ship it right back out, in which case the next morning it would be shipped out).

I will still transfer ownership of the bitmain account(s) to the buyer, as that is how they will handle any warranty issue with the miners.

I would still recommend trying to get Bitmain to update the shipping address, as it will save money and time.

1 has been SOLD.

1 is still for SALE.

hi do you still have one d3 fore sale?

Hey there Satrade,

I just sold out my September D3’s that I was selling.

I do have later batches (October, and November) that I possibly will be selling some of, I have not decided yet. If you are interested in any of the October batches, shoot me an e-mail and if it’s worth my while we can see what we can work out :slight_smile: