0 fee transaction


Here it is my transaction: https://live.blockcypher.com/ltc/tx/4c642df217d0eab037053f066019115c4891af8cdee0dcf05de841044458bbb8/

I never waited so much for a litecoin transaction. What should I do?

I specify that I paid in advance for these coins

You can’t do nothing about it - you decided to put a letter in the mail with no stamp on it… Don’t complain about outcome.

No fees to the miners - you think you are on a bitcoin network here?

If you are lucky the litecoins may come back to your wallet sometime in a few months - just like the US Postal system may send you back your letter.

Did you read that I am the buyer of this coins?

I send the cash to this person and he sent the coins. I understand the point of fee of course and I am totally agree with you

When you say " Here is my transaction", it implies (in English) that you initiated the transaction.

Now, on a follow up posting, you mention that your are the buyer, which implies that you are now on the receiving end…

Hum… still – you are giving cash to a person sending you Litecoins and you are not waiting for the transaction to confirm before you give him the cash? I would never do that.

Still enjoy the time in the sun!

Ok so where the hell means here is my transaction i am the sender? A transcation is owned by sender and receiver. nvm

i figure it out that the wallet is old but it won’t be processed.

thank you anyways