Wrong sending LTC to BTC wallet

Hello there… do you know how save to wrong sending LTC to bitfinex BTC wallet? Bitfinex say that,

We are sorry to hear about your missing deposit, however token recovery is a highly complex, manual and risky procedure and Bitfinex does not offer a token recovery service for deposit mistakes for amounts of less than $2,500 equivalent at the time of deposit.

How they recovery can we it? I have,
Tx id
Btc wallet
LTC wallet

Second mail;

Unfortunately, we do not accept cross-chain recovery requests below the amount of $2500.

Please exercise extreme care when depositing tokens.

From what I have heard UNLESS YOU DID SO THROUGH AN EXCHANGE and just did so from LTC address so say BTC address


The LTC SHOULD eventually ‘bounce’ back to your wallet.

Take this with a grain of salt, others can reply here.

They SAY this does not work on exchanges like Coinbase due to temp internal crypto addresses…

anyway, from what I’ve heard


Brad, you’re wrong.
LTC won’t ever ‘bounce’ back.

If OP has transferred LTC to a BTC address that belongs to bitfinex, then the only way to have their coins recovered is if bitfinex agrees to do the manual procedure only they can make to claim lost litecoins.

And, according to bitfinex’s response, they won’t do it this time as LTC amount was below to 2500$

I think I said unless it is an exchange.

I thought that if you did a ‘straight’ LTC to BTC address to address it would simply bounce

but maybe that was back in the ‘old days’

But yeah, anything going through an exchange or coinbase or a coin mixer is gonna not fly

anyway, if the above is no longer the case and LTC will not even bounce from a BTC address or vice

versa let me know here so I can catch up.


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The old bitcoin and litecoin addresses can be confused, because they are valid in both chains.
That caused that transactions from LTC “to BTC address” simply got confirmed.

That’s one of the issues that get mitigated with native segwit (bech32), because coin code is included on the address, which makes them valid only on a single chain.

OK, caught up I think?