Worst time of my life today!

I have gone to like 2-3 siteS so i can transfer my usd to my bank account or paypal account, and All i do is run into roadblocks. Omg !! driving me nuts.You have to be a computer wizz-- a banker–a crypto nut to get through the maze of doin anything In the crypto world. Nothin is user friendly. Seems everyone walks in this crypto world in fustration–and fear of losing this or losing that. All I want to do is change my bitcoin, which I know how to usd, but I sure cant Find a simple site that I can transfer my money to my bank account. Geesh. I must be a brainless gopher.I cant use coinbase because Im from Hawaii. CEX.IO, dont service US, they dont wire transfers . I went to bitbooker and sent $179.00 and it didnt go through, now they say I have to send a minimum of 1 btc to do the transfer to paypals, and I said no, not until they send that money to my paypals. I NEED MORE COFFEEEE!:scream::scream:

I understand your frustration. It’s still early days when it comes to cryptocurrencies so finding a reliable, cheap and easy way to transfer to your bank account can be tricky. Kraken offers that service here in Europe, but I don’t know if that would work for you. Maybe Localbitcoins is a solution for you.

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Xapo is an alternative. They have a debit card… Dont know if they serve Hawaii residents though…

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I figured out a way to change my coins! I go to jm bullion who accepts Bitcoin for payment. I buy silver eagles and gold eagles! Dang so easy, and Im a very happy kamper! Aweome no banks no nothin!~

U could’ve easily just used coin base to transfer to your bank account for free. …

I don’t think he wanted to involve banks.

coinbase.com…they will wire any money you withdraw from you USD wallet to any bank account routing number you have connected to it…lots of prepaid cards have routing numbers also coinbase does let you use paypal too…also coinbase is the most user friendly site in the crypto world in my opinion…my grandma picked it up with no problem at all…