Withdrawal problem from coinexchange to bitstamp

I have a problem trying to withdrawl ltc from coinexchange to bitstamp
I always get this mesnsaje try: Error: Invalid withdrawal address entered.
and I have already changed the address of bitstamp 2 times
Can somebody help me? Thank you


Does the bitstamp address start with an M ?

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Try converting M address to legacy format using this tool:


If that does not work either, it means that coinexchange is not able to send to p2sh address.

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I’m not a bitstamp user but can’t he just request a legacy LTC address instead ?
I assume that would be possible and should be much easier for him to do.

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Doing the M-to-3 switch is way easier than asking any exchange to provide a legacy address.
Anyway, should we be still using legacy addresses? IMO, the fault here is from coinexchange.

@AlfredoFenollera, you could also use Electrum-LTC as a middlewallet:

  1. Create a (Legacy) wallet on electrum-ltc.
  2. Send from coinexchange to electrum-ltc
  3. Send from electrum-ltc to bitstamp
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