Will LTC show any positive behaviour?

“Paypal has agreed to 4 cryptos. Bitcoin, ether, bitcoin cash, and Litecoin. they all exploded … except, oddly enough, and unfortunately for us, still our Ltc … we can only hope that it will reach the top very soon …, but …, when? the Twitter forums are euphoric, always boasting that Ltc will go to astronomical sums, and we remain dumped.”

Saw this somewhere, what are your thoughts on this?


Yeah it’s a little odd Litecoin always seems to be pretty stable when there’s hype but I will say Litecoin was where a lot of tech minded people went when Bitcoin became too hype. The Litecoin community is extremely positive with the outlook but we don’t have a lot of people driving bull runs with memes and stuff which might be why we don’t see bigger leaps. I like the Litecoin community because it’s not just memers and traders it’s actually a lot of good discussion and development though.

I think Litecoin will continue to see positive behavior but I’m not sure it will ever have insane gains and dips like some of the other coins. There might be some huge breakout though who knows. I mean it’s the dominant Scrypt coin and if there’s ever any issue with SHA256 or if mining becomes oversaturated in SHA256 will probably be a huge move to Scrypt which I could see really positively affecting Litecoin just might be awhile who knows.


Yes, we are near the all time low from pair LTC/BTC, 0.002750 maybe the players are busy with other coins/tokens, they will look at LTC after tired of trading other coins.


As soon Paypal deal is done my friend.
Then we will witness something amazing.
But when will it happend … I dont know

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What is funny is dogecoin has a way higher market cap now. Nothing makes much sense in this space does it?


Hello to everyone! Greetings to all from Budapest! I am a big Litecoin fan since 2014. I think Litecoin will Reaches All Time High since 2017 again soon!

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