Will Litecoin Be Compliant With Mastercard's Plans?

Mastercard announced that they are planning to support certain cryptocurrencies on their platform. Will litecoin have any problems with this because of MWEB?

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Litecoin will be one of their top choices I’m sure! But I think this is a service to offer to companies that want to launch cards.

MWEB shouldn’t be an issue as it’s a 2nd layer protocol. So it’s an option they don’t have to adopt or get involved with if they don’t want too.

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Not sure Litecoin will be ‘compliant’ if they ever do Mimblewimble privacy.

Given Mastercard is primarily a brand and network operator I expect these decisions will be in the hands of their local partners - banks, fintechs, etc.

Wirex and Crypto.com are widely available options. The Unbanked Litecoin card is presently only available within the USA.

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Sure it will. Mastercard is just realizing they are loosing costumers to other credit card payment processors. They will offer the services to other companies and for sure this 3rd part crypto companies will accept whatever cryptocurrency you own.

I already have a credit card that I can select between any crypto I hold. No big deal.

We shouldn’t look and wait but create use cases ourselves.
There is a working module for litecoin and other crypto for thrirtybees and prestashop. Even for Woocommerce. PM me if need arises.