Why should Litecoin persist with the growth of Bitcoin’s Lightning Network?

I want to hear all of the possible arguments. I’ve heard LTC’s Lightning Network will still have cheaper fee’s than Bitcoin’s, but, will it be enough of a difference for one to want to make the switch?

I think this topic is often ignored but extremely Important if we’re thinking about Litecoin’s future 10 years from now.


To clarify, the on-boarding and off-boarding will be cheaper than Bitcoin, because you need to do on-chain payments to create and close channels. When using lightning, the fees are going to be almost none-existing for both LTC and BTC.

Not sure what you mean by persist, but if you want to hear arguments for why LTC should use lightning, I guess the major argument is instant transactions and 0 or almost 0 fees. This would enable for example streaming payments where you pay 0.00000001 LTC every second for example. Something that is impossible now.

Nobody can predict the future