Why should Litecoin persist with the growth of Bitcoin’s Lightning Network?

I want to hear all of the possible arguments. I’ve heard LTC’s Lightning Network will still have cheaper fee’s than Bitcoin’s, but, will it be enough of a difference for one to want to make the switch?

I think this topic is often ignored but extremely Important if we’re thinking about Litecoin’s future 10 years from now.


To clarify, the on-boarding and off-boarding will be cheaper than Bitcoin, because you need to do on-chain payments to create and close channels. When using lightning, the fees are going to be almost none-existing for both LTC and BTC.

Not sure what you mean by persist, but if you want to hear arguments for why LTC should use lightning, I guess the major argument is instant transactions and 0 or almost 0 fees. This would enable for example streaming payments where you pay 0.00000001 LTC every second for example. Something that is impossible now.

Lightning will never be massive. Complex, full of vulnerabilities, pointless technology. And yes, Bitcoin is sh*itcoin.