Why litecoin will dominate?


Once mimblewimble is fully operational people will convert bitcoin,eth,ect into litecoin just to use the mimblewimble algorithm very bullish on litecoin. Do you agree?

Last I saw, it was finished but is doing some testing I think? That being said, assuming coins are regularly added and removed from the market as people are making use of MW, i dont think it would create a bullish concept as much as you would think. Ideally, it would follow Charlie Lee’s vision of increasing throughput though, which in turn, creates intrinsic value, which would create desire. I dont think the increased use as others buy and sell from other currencies would solely do it. As upon transaction completion, they would instinctively return to their currency of preference. I think the value which would be useful across all currencies would allow us to obtain a large amount of new users, which is fantastic.

What are your thoughts?


I think it is definitely a positive, but we gotta drive home the benefits for non tech people to grasp its use and UX has to be seamless. Once miners signal and we are processing MWEB ext blocks there should be a concerted effort to explain simply how the blockchain is transparent and although pseudonymous it is not anonymous and with diligence someone can theoretically track your balance and tie it to you. Thus MWEB provides this privacy and its fungibility aspects as well. Moving forward with crypto UX is going to be a big deal. :metal::owl::black_heart:Ł


I don’t think that any coin will dominate. There are around 25 000 coins (most are dead) and that number is growing. Each coin has its purpose and should be marketed as such.

Yes a free floating, now the only news are whale activities, airdrops and such. The coin in itself is great but some tooling to make best usage would help greatly.

Crypto is a fast moving sphere and its still too early to say anyone will “dominate”. Furthermore, it should be pointed out and reiterated a lot of “moon” talk on Youtube is just shilling and wishful thinking.
My personal approach is to stick within the top-20 and of these LTC is my favorite. Excluding dog-themed coins, I think the chances of top-20 crashing to zero are low.

Look for coins/tokens which have an obvious use case and one which they do well. At the time of this post LTC is very good as a currency and for buying into coins which have availability limitations.

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The cryptocurrencies are not very old and not many people know about them. Also, as they are decentralised, I don’t think many people would be able to believe in them as much as they do in the fiat currency.

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When, I got involved with crypto, back in 2011, I thought that it will become popular. I was wrong, because, the majority, does not like freedom, because, It needs you to be responsible, for your life. That’s why we will see a very slow, and looooooong adoption. I see this as a good thing, because we will be left alone, to enjoy it, for long, before big problems, come in.