Why litecoin hashrate dropping so fast?

In the last 2 weeks hashrate dropped for 11%+ from 2000 TH to 1750 TH. What is reason?

The A4 dominators have been a bit of a disaster… and also probably unprofitable hardware coming offline!

I will tell you what I have seen lately people are getting rid of there litecoin hardware like crazy on Ebay! I am gobbling it up for coin ltc accumulation.

A4 has a ROI for 5 months. So These is strange that hashrate not growing fast.

Likely because old less efficient ASICs are being rid off and the newer more efficient ASICs are being installed.
It’s probably going to be better to sell the older ASICs to other enthusiasts anyways.

Hi! Are you from China? Do you know anything about new 450 MH Asic?

Sorry. Can’t help with that. Why not make a post about that.