Why is LTC not popular?

A lot of people have these questions in their mind. But the answer is simple Litecoin just does what it does without much fuss so there isn’t much drama to talk about. The cryptocurrency sub hates it because they can’t easily pump and dump it like some of the other low liquidity coins. And of course, the bitcoin maximalists hate it because in their heads there can only be one coin. I also think they know deep down that LTC is the better POW cryptocurrency.


hmm, I am pretty sure it is quite popular. It is, after all, right there in the top cryptos on every exchange.


I agree with you, but we will see if in a year they begin to see what others see.
not everyone looks to the future, they just want quick results.
persevering requires patience and ingenuity.
good luck, good luck.


I feel that the main reason is that the market value is too small, the organization is not willing to allocate and purchase, and there is no feature in the function


same boring old litecoin lmao

All they can come up with is MWeb which users dont care about. Ok litecoin is fast and has low fees. But so does like 20 other crypto currencies.

Dead project with no innovation for the last 10 years. Uniswap and Chainlink passed them up and so will many other promising DeFi projects


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Yea all other 20 coins came after litecoin, thats the difference.

All other coin came after Bitcoin including uniswap and have similar fundamental structures, would you also class them as no innovation?

Until now bitcoin compare to newer types of coin is a old dinosaur, is there any other innovations to address the fundamental problems that bitcoin have?

Mining company have huge monopoly on the mining sector, power usage is through the moon.

Don’t go around talk down other people work and contributions to the crypto world.

Litecoin had made big improvements to bitcoin POW system and many other coins simply followed litecoin- the 20 other coins you mentioned.

This February I made a chart of coins that came and went. In red coins that dropped out of top 10.

Litecoin still there, all these years and has top 5 to top 3 trading volume every day. Sleeping giant reaching for silver > 112 x, Bitcoin to catch Gold > 10 x


honestly true. I thought about it and Litecoin is best where its at now. I trust Charlie and the devs. Will continue to buy and hodl

Lol litecoin isn’t the best, I would you walk carefully if one crypto declare themselves as the best.

There is always room for improvement.

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That sentence means that the best place for Litecoin to be at is where it is now. It doesn’t mean that Litecoin is the best.

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yup. exactly what i meant

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The power useage is what protects bitcoin. The more hash power costs the more difficult to attain 51% hashpower to control the network. Power consumption is a feature not a bug. Besides lots of bitcoin is using isolated energy sources that would not be consumed generally. Such as isolated natural gas that would be flared off during oil drilling. Isolated geothermal pockets, etc. The cost of mining protects the network just as building an expensive vault protects the gold that’s in it.
Or the cost of military to protect a fiat currency useage ( US dollar ).

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I thought it was somewhat popular, but honestly I’ve given most of my attention to bitcoin and am just now branching out and looking at other options.

It clearly is still popular but BTC and the DeFi tokens are the ones getting the headlines while LTC plods along in the background.

“Popular” by what measure?

If you are talking about common gossip then maybe not. But by how widely its accepted in the real world - its up there with Bitcoin.