Why is cryptocurrency more popular than traditional markets?


Why do people choose non-stable tools? Traditional markets are regulated, have good volatility and income, why is cryptocurrency more popular?



First and foremost, cryptocurrency is faster and cheaper to transact. “Traditional markets” are good but they are also full of corrupt and unethical bankers and politicians. Crypto is more popular than getting nickled and dimed by the man to send money and do business. And it provides some privacy which you can’t get from traditional markets. Storing wealth in fait in “traditional markets” means any oppressive nation state can always seize its citizens wealth from the banks.

We’re only human, we make mistakes. I would not classify Litecoin as a non-stable tool. There are a lot of non-stable tools available in cryptocurrency right now but I suspect overtime the markets will weed these tools out of the space. Read Coinhive shuts down: https://www.theverge.com/2019/2/28/18244636/coinhive-cryptojacking-cryptocurrency-mining-shut-down-monero-date



cryptocurency are more popular because of the vast usage in markets and it features. cryptocurrency wallet development is a major area where developers are focusing now to gain more information.

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how long it will take to weed out all these strange tools …



The blockchain is an excellent technology, but the cryptocurrency itself is not yet indispensable.



I wouldn’t say that traditional markets are less popular than crypto. Older generation tends not to trust this sphere, or have never even heard of cryptocurrency. So, when the vast majority of people get acquainted with digital money, crypto will have more chances to surpass traditional market