Who wants my brokerage company for free?

Hi guys, a few months ago I opened a Forex and CFD brokerage company and
I have already paid several tens of thousands of dollars for the entire service for a whole year.
The fact is that I cannot attract traffic to my business (website) and I don’t want to continue with this business any more.
So, if someone has a desire to take and develop this business I am ready to give it to you for free.

The whole operation is already working and integrated to all necessary services.

Trading terminals: MetaTader 4, WebTerminal, Mobile iOS and Android.
Payment solutions for client deposit: Credit Cards VISA/MasterCard, Wire Transfer for B2B and C2B, Crypto.
CRM to manage the clients.
MetaTader 4 Manager.
The company is registered on Marshall Islands.

Who are interested please contact me on email

Thank you and Good Luck

why you dont hire an seo or a marketer?

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Good luck on selling ghost company.

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No one wants a brokerage company for free.

I’m surprised you’re willing to give up on this after investing so much money into it. Is this some type of scam or did you just lose your motivation?

Something sounds very fishy here. Why would you not just sell it?? or hire a marketer