Which ltc wallet is the best?


Hi,guys,Which ltc wallet is the best one? I mean the local wallet.


Core wallet at litecoin.org
click downloads and then download the wallet for your device…
NOTE: Don NOT do anything like make transactions until the block-chain has finished syncing


I use Electrum for Litecoin, because I have a limited bandwidth connection, and I don’t need to download the blockchain.


Keep it simple and go with coinbase imo


Please take a moment to understand coinbase is not a wallet but a service. More like a bank account or debit card, which relies entirely on a trusted third-party and can be censured or revoked; and less like cash.


The core wallet at litecoin.org is the only wallet that is meant to be used seamlessly but you must be able to meat the hardware requirements to run a full node…personally this is the only way I ever use any crypto wallets…I wont use a coin that does not offer a decentralized server wallet solution…
…all the other wallets use core wallet as a main server for the wallet app that connects to it…
There are a few ways to do it…
if you use a core wallet…that is truely decentralized…
using other wallets that connect to servers that belong to someone else is NOT decentralized and is based on TRUST that the company or person running the server that the wallet connects to will no conduct illegal activity with your funds or addresses…


You’re wrong about your last point.
Electrum is not less secure than qt wallet. It does not even depend on single centralized node, and it does not put your funds or keys at risk by transferring them to third parties.


No…Electrum configures their own litecoind servers just like everyone else does using litecoind…same way bitpay does…they all use the core main source code that is LItecoin code and configures from there…same way bitpay makes their own bitocin servers…
sorry but electrum is not secure at all…all you need is one of the keys and using the bip32 vulnerability you can get the master private key from any child wallet…bip32 is NOT secure at all…I jsut recreated a wallet from scratch the other day using bip32 for a customer…electrum and bip32 are the same type of improvement proposal…and both easy as hell to hack
there was actually a version of electrum-ltc for linux that was considered a “compromised version:”…just google it…


I think coinbase is best