Which app to use

New to Litecoin and can’t appear to find much in the way of user manuals for the apps so turning here for some advice. I have both Litecoin Core and Litecoin Core [Testnet] . I have encrypted the wallet on Litecoin Core. Does the same wallet appear in the testnet app? I’m asusming not but thought I should get clarification. When it comes to trading which app should I use?
Answer welcome before I make a mess of my first purchase.

Hello and welcome,

You should use the CoreWallet ( not testnet).

The testnet is for TESTING.
I don’t know if one wallet will open on the other, but forget about the testnet version.

The coins you purchase should be send to an address create in the CoreWallet.

Also, I think is good practice to backup your wallet Everytime you create a new address.

Good luck

Many thanks for this response. The process is slowly opening up but lack of any manual or documentation is slowing the process.
I am also struggling to understand how to make and receive payments. I’m assuming the Pay to: address is supplied by the person to whom I’m making a payment? The label could be any description to described the reason for payment?
There doesn’t appear to be a generator for receiving addresses do I therefore just choose a string of random characters.

much obliged for your time


It is hard to explain everything typing, I recommend you to look for some videos online about how to use a core wallet.