Where is walletnotify In New release of LitecoinCore (Litecoinqt)

I have retrieved a list of available commands from Litecoinqt running on windows server.
I want to receive a notification of receiving and sending and other events happening at my wallet.
I searched over google and found that there is something like “walletnotify” but unfortunately i don`t have something like this in my list retrieved from lictoinqt.

try enabling “zmqnotifications”
then you should get a notification every time you send and receive with qt

Would you please tell me a command or any method to do this? because i don`t find sufficient documentation anywhere.

my bad…sorry I was wrong about zmq…

wallet notify is still there…
start qt with the -walletnotify flag like this:
litecoin-qt.exe -walletnotfiy=1

1 = true and 0 = false in this case

To which URL will this notify?

your local host server… aka localhost:9332 assuming you didnt change the default port the wallet is using…

wait… what??
Will not this send any notification to a URL etc? Like how my website will know about any change happened at NODE

it just gives the user a notification…it doesnt send any notifications to wallets