Where is the bottom of this sh..t?

LTC is hard dipping in the decreasing channel for the 1,5 year already. Where is the bottom? 0,002? Or ATL at 0,0004?

Good question, I guess nobody knows. I was thinking that 0.0037 would be the lowest low, but apparently LTC can go much deeper :frowning:

Litecoin will start going up 2 days after you sell your stash. I sold my stash 2 days prior to the rise in 2013. I was psychologically shaken out by a huge drop in price, though the price is low today it is not the drop to which I am referring. When you see it you’ll know.

For some reason, traders don’t see the trouble BTC is in and mostly keep trading in BTC.
Traders determine the price, not miners or developers or people who use the coin.
I don’t have much BTC anymore, only LTC. And if I would have much BTC I would surely switch (at least half of it) to LTC because I think BTC will lock up at some point.
And as LTC switches to segwit, LTC has a for more bright future than BTC.
So for me it’s a big question why LTC is not going up right now…