Where is the Alcheminer Company?

Does anyone what happened to Alcheminer? I have an alcheminer 256 and I’m wondering if I can still even use it.

Hello Christopher - had to join and otherwise jump through hoops. The company is defunct, but the units still work very well compared to a lot of scrypt ASIC of the same era. I have a 96 unit (bought second-hand) and it works great though it has an issue with variable pools. Most pools do have fixed difficulty.

Hello Chris,
I eMailed Tom recently trying to get my boards fixed. I have 5 boards down out of 16.
He offered me the last of his asic’s, but I needed the power chips. So he sold them off to some guy who built single asic USB miner boards. A neat little construction that would mine froma usb port.
Last I heard was that he was interested in making a new miner , and he was looking for investment.
I said I would buy one or two miners, but was not able to come up with any funds to invest.
I bought 2 Alcheminers,I did not ROI. I still use one it is still running fine and keep the other for spares.