Where did my 2.41318701 LTC go?

I have withdrawn 2.41318701 LTC from Yobit to C-cex wallet with this Txid de1feaba51775b7c3a9c8a641307851eeb7b9835209269455ea391df168e6b88
but they have never deposited in my wallet LRWfeL6vstUJtyvKJ8Lc4pkJkj9jmNLVt2

The blockchain shows that they have been deposited and a few hours later withdrawn to two different addresses ,but my withdraw and deposit history at C-cex never shows this .They have never been there. I wonder how can someone withdraw my funds without being deposited at the first place?
I have opened a support ticket at C-cex but nothing has happened.
Can someone help me to restore my LTC? .

you will have to wait for c-cex to respond, we can’t do anything because the wallet you sent your coins is own by c-cex

the support gave me back my LTC and apologized for the delay .thanks God

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good to know!

good luck.