Where are the litecoins sent?

On February 27 I sent 25 litecoins to my other wallet. Until now, litecoins have not come. In the transaction the “?” The address I gave good. What happened to my litecoins?

What version was your old wallet? If you used an ancient version and didn’t upgrade that may be your problem. Upgrade the old wallet and you will likely discover that the LTC are still in the old wallet.

If that does not work please provide transaction ID.

Hello. Litecoiny was on v0.8.5.1 beta. Unfortunately on my old laptop I can not install a newer version because I do not know why the installer (for 32bit version) does not start. I have windows vista running 32 bit
ID transakcji: 9f4b699df297e4b900219102159cb73244c322eb1e675c154e72b066de6d742b