Where are my litecoin?


I had a litecoin wallet on my computer with more than 1000 litecoin and my hard drive crashed and I had to get a new one. Now I installed the litecoin wallet again and I don’t know, where I can get my litecoin back again?
Can you help me?

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Well I found my old litecoin data (thank god).
But now it says "Error opening block database. Do you want to rebuild the block database now?"
I can click ok or abort, but I’m afraid, that my wallet will be gone, if I click ok, so what do I do?
I have Litecoin-Qt version v0.8.6.2-beta

Please help guys

eeeek… hope someone knows what to do about that… that’s crazy.

upgrade to the latest wallet…litecoin.org version 0.13.2 and let the wallet sync…don’t do anything until it syncs up with the network

Hi bakd and than you for your answer!
So I don’t need the litecoin-qt wallet to use my old wallet.dat?

Yes…it will use your existing appdata folder

If I had the older version and synced with the blockchain, should I wait for the complete sync (from genesis block til now) again when upgrading to the newer version ?

you don’t need to wait for a sync to upgrade just to send or receive…make sure you have your backups before you upgrade though which will only be up to date as long as you backed up after your most recent transaction was synced with 6 + confirmations…

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hello, i sent a 1.2 worth of ltc to a desktop wallet since last week but till date its yet to be displayed on my wallet. please assist me in getting my coin back
this is the address
LZ9CYkNtWeumq5pVQAGuKWqiWsK2VoYQfV ff8b7c20217c6c390f0f6e83eecb933652a91de27cb7be95881de023231df6d8


it says there are 1.29 litecoins in that wallet received on june 3rd here: http://explorer.litecoin.net/address/LZ9CYkNtWeumq5pVQAGuKWqiWsK2VoYQfV

make sure your wallet is fully synced
this says that the 1.29 ltc has not yet been redeemed in the wallet containing 11.24LTC…
make sure you are completely up to date and with the newest wallet version 0.13.2
also are you sure that the transaction doesn’t have to be signed with your desktop wallet first in order to receive it?

ok, I totally have no idea how to sync the wallet, because there is no sync option given. can u give me a step by step guidelines on how to go about it?
the wallet is litecoin-core wallet. Thanks.

open the wallet…let it sit until the bar at the bottom stops saying syncing with network…I don’t think you need to know “how” to do that…core wallets sync with the network everytime they are opened…no special steps required…block explorer says that 1.20 isn’t redeemed yet so you need to sign the transaction in the receiving wallet apparently…or the sending wallet needs to sign off on it to be spent one of the two