When the institutional demand for BTC cannot be met. LTC is next best option


Exchange some of your BTC to LTC now, the ratio is absurd and once institutions literally cannot find enough BTC to meet their demand, LTC is going to spike hard.

I thought this was 5 years away at the earliest, but now I would say 5 years is the latest, 1 to 2 earliest.

My Opinion
One usually hopes institutions don’t suffer from unit bias. As an LTC holder, instead, I hope they do. But this reasoning is deeply flawed.

What do you think?

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Where is this ‘statement’ from/ source?

My opinion, there will always be ‘enough’ BTC and LTC, why? If there is a supply shock (economicspeak for not enough BTC on sale at that time) the price will go up.

It will keep going up till someone who HODLed since 2015 will say ‘i will sell to you at that price’.

The above logic seems a parable of gold and silver, where governments literally can not get enough gold in 80s and 90s

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I agree with @niclaz; although the ratio of LTC/BTC is very low, there’ll always be enough bitcoin available for anyone who wants to buy at any price. There’s so much liquidity and for every buyer there’s a seller. It’ll just mean the price goes up and people buying in the future will get less sats for their dollars