What's next on the priority list after MWEB?

Hi everyone. So, before MWEB, it seems that the goal for the LTC Foundation was brand awareness (UFC/Miami Dolphins, etc.). Now, it seems that the focus is MWEB.

Now that MWEB development is almost coming to an end and in a few months, activation will begin-- what will be the next goal?

I think a major revamping is needed in regards to “silver to Bitcoin’s gold” marketing scheme. It seems like it’s been dying out a bit… Litecoin has a great story and fills a niche, but unfortunately it’s just not promoted enough… IDK what the LTC Foundation’s next goal will be, but I hope it continues having to do with marketing/awareness. I see CTV is also in the works for being activated-- so maybe even a developer community can be established upon MWEB and CTV activation. There’s a lot of cool stuff…

I agree and see a end of censorship and collaboration able to coexist; to give the power to be individuals. LTC is a force here to stay, there is much room to find equality and and a anti-censorship platform. LTC is unaltered and fuel for a decentralized existence.