What will Litecoin price be in 2020?

Hello. Everyone, I am planning on investing some money on buying antminer L3+ to start mining for litecoin. I want to know if anyone have any good educated idea of what will litecoin price will be in 2020. I am planning on doing this for a long run not some short investment. I am planning on cashing out in 2020. So can anyone on here can share with me some good educated guess of what do they think the price will be in 2020.

MY bet has been on mining all my hash to LTC and holding…I hope to have 1,000 LTC clear after mining expenses by
May 1st 2018…

IF BTC stays say above 10k say in 2020… then I would expect at least LTC to be $300 by that point in time

but, LTC loves ‘sideways’ so hell we could be at $70 bucks in 2020 as well :frowning: