What will happen with Doge if LTC goes Segwit?

Does anyone here have an idea what will happen with Doge if Litecoin goes Segwit? Will the Merge Mining be history or do the dev.team of Doge plan to follow, or will MM end anyway?

Litecoin did not use BIP9 in their recent release so as to not break merged mining. Please see point 1 here:

Thanks shyliar. So if I understand this correctly; If LTC goes Segwit, the Doge coin community has an option to turn to Segwit if they desire and it would be a UASF/UAHF?

I think all they have to do is upgrade their wallet to include segwit and it will activate quickly if it’s already active on litecoin.

Edit: It will be quick because the entire Doge network is supported by the LTC network. It’s unlikely anyone out there only mines Doge directly it would be a financial loss.

Thanks again shyliar! I owe you one. 33 Satoshis seems appetizing…