What to mine except of LTC?

Hi guys! I am a newbie, and I would like to get a piece of advice from elder dudes.

Does it make sense to spend resources on mining well-known coins, the price of which is growing too slowly? Or should I bet on undervalued coins, which may (!) grow rapidly in the future? Or is it too risky in your opinion?

I understand that the question is more about the risk profile of each miner, but still… Thank you.

P.S. If a thread with such a discussion already exists, then please give me the link - I will move the question there.

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if the coin is cheap then don’t buy equipment to mine it. Because you will not make as much as you expect if the price of the coin is high like LTC then buy a miner and mine it

This will cover your electric cost and within a year you will break even the equipment cost. On the run, you will earn passive income as well

mining isnt passive income, u have to take care of it :wink: