What to do at home now

What are you doing today guys? are you bored ? i stay at home for a week now and im so bored

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good, hi ya is Russian

It seems to me that here you need to find some kind of hobby. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting not only a few extra feet but also dulling from the series ( I play online games with my friends. My girlfriend prepares interesting dishes from the cookbook and actively studies astrology and numerology)) We have several bedrooms and we do not have to live on each other’s heads.

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That sounds interesting

Glad you were interested. Do you play online games now? Some of my friends went to EVE-online, so I would find someone to play Lol. I can give you a link to an article about cancer and virgo. Here’s an interesting interpretation of the compatibility of the zodiac signs. Sometimes I think about occupying myself with something more serious, for example physics, but … I’m probably too careless by nature. If there is a moment of rest - you need to use this)

I’ve already disassembled & cleaned all my miners. Difficulty is lower on everything, so I’ve got the machines running full bore to scoop up those coins while I can…
Now I’ve just been going out to walk. Started gaining too much weight. Have to tell yourself, “you’re not hungry, you’re bored”… Lol!