What jobs do you have?

What jobs do you have?

None. Retired on Crypto!

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At the moment, I work in an office in a company that deals with gamedev. I love my job, but it was very difficult to get to it , because of the job interview. If it wasn’t for the https://mrsimon.ai site, I wouldn’t be able to prepare for the interview. The robot will ask you random questions that you can answer and save records.

My main job is to restore vehicles. But right now I got an offer on copywriting and teaching English online. Sometimes on Facebook other interesting offers appear but I don’t have knowledge in other areas like marketing or similar things. On my free time I see that a lot of people are promoting with ads or being sponsors on social media.

I’m an editor for a news paper. I personally love to read, that’s why I believe this is my dream job and with this quarantine I work from home which is actually better

I’m graphic designer and also community manager. In my free time I’m investing in Crypto and some methods to mining. :sunglasses:

I have two jobs and I hope to keep them.

I am a editor in cryptonewsfox online portal. Here you give daily crypto news update!

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