What is the Best Cryptocurrency For Long Term investment?

I am looking to invest in cryptocurrency for the long term which is the best cryptocurrency to invest long term right now.

See coins in the top

Following are the top eight cryptocurrencies that are most worthy of investment in 2021.

  1. Bitcoin $51,266

  2. Ethereum $3,499

  3. Binance Coin $440.74

  4. Cardano $2.23

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I suggest that you may not invest money on others’ opinion. Do a good research, study and learn how to analyze market. You may have to invest time before investing money in any financial market. I am wishing you all the very best.

Really liking Cardano and ETH atm myself

Hard for anyone to give anything other than an opinion. Personally I hold BTC, ETH, SOL, ADA, DOT, LTC and ALGO.