What is crypto?

Hello Everyone !! My name is Saksham. I’m new here. Can anyone tell me about crypto. What is the best way to learn crypto ?

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don’t you read post on google, maybe other site, about crypto?
better you learn with reading on google, or maybe other site, with crypto learn subject
sorry for my bad english

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Can you suggest me any proper explanation video ?

“What is crypto?” is a bad question. I think the first question should be what is Bitcoin and why is it interesting and important. All the rest comes afterwards.

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i’m 90% accepted that

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There are great guides on YouTube. Find a blogger’s YouTube channel about crypto and study the information. I cannot answer you in a few words.

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Babypips is really helpful when it comes to info about cryptocurrencies. I still don’t understand all the technical aspects of it but I’ve been spending some time here reading in the forum and seem to be making more sense of it.

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In which countries… bitcoin is banned ??

Ok Thank you

My comfort zone is crypto trading because the risk is a little bit higher in this type but also the profit is increasing but if we take risk in most of the time it will not be successful in some times and that’s why I tend to decide to trade cryptocurrencies.

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You take absolutely right decision… But i want to say that before starting we need to gain some basics about that all…I think it is helpful and also less risk

Definitely start with The Bitcoin Standard by Saifedean Ammous. It teaches you about what money is.




Why risk is the little?!

In Algeria. Bolivia, China, Colombia, Egypt and India also is one of the part of banning system. But trading, mining and buying and selling concepts are still going on with the help of third party software and websites.

Now come to main question that what is crypto?

In simple words crypto means:- crypto is a collection of binary data which is designed to work as a medium of exchange wherein individual coin ownership records are stored in a ledger.

Before investing you should know about the all the basic concept and learn new investing strategy on cryptocurrency that can help to save your before losing.