What do you expect from the 5th anniversary of Litecoin?

According to @coblee, Oct 13. 3am GMT will be the 5th anniversary of Litecoin. What do you guys expect? Hardware wallets? T shirts? Litecoin 0.13? Or something else? Tell us what you want.


release new version of litecoin with bitcoin 0.13.0 port over
do not see much action here https://github.com/litecoin-project/litecoin

also hardware wallet for trezor, ledger nano S would be good

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Litecoin needs to be used for real payments much more that today. This is the key to success.
Litecoin protocol and core implementation improvements are needed as well, but it is real usage that will bring new life to the currency.

I hope the 5th anniversary will be the start for that.


Well if LTC went full anon coin like Moreno…I guess a price spike would be in the works (how that kinda thing works now I guess) never happen…but be nice if they did some more innovation to move us out of BTC shadow as some perks/ or noticeable improvements …show some spunk


Sadly I wont use these wallets but if posible a standard connection suitable for connecting multiple options beyond these would be great.